Friday 18 May 2012

CSL Council Members to Demonstrate Flair for Comedy

CSL council members to demonstrate flair for comedy
Joel Goldenberg, The Suburban
May 16, 2012

The Suburban Côte St. Luc mayor Anthony Housefather and council members always try to inject a little light humour at monthly council meetings, with little quips and contemporary cultural references to avoid an overly formal atmosphere. But this time the comedic talents of Housefather, Côte St. Luc Councillors Mitchell Brownstein and Sam Goldbloom, as well as Dollard des Ormeaux Councillor Herbert Brownstein, will be seen in their full glory, when the Côte St. Luc Dramatic Society presents Norm Foster's Office Hours from Thursday, May 24 to Saturday, May 26, in the Harold Greenspon Auditorium at 5801 Cavendish Blvd., the basement of Côte St. Luc city hall. (Herbert Brownstein is Mitchell Brownstein's brother.) “Côte Saint-Luc is committed to community theatre,” Housefather said. “I hope that my participation helps draw attention to this great community initiative." "Participating with my fellow politicians and so many talented community actors has been a real treat,” says Brownstein. “This play is hysterical and playing my role as a stereotype 'off the wall' salesman is a blast." Norm Foster is described by the Halifax Daily News as “Canada's mostproduced dramatist.” Office Hours is described as a “fastpaced” comedy which takes place on one Friday afternoon in six different offices in a large city. The six separate stories that take place in each office eventually interconnect. According to a Côte St. Luc Dramatic Society announcement, the stories involve a newsman “who will do anything to keep his job, a Canadian producer willing to overlook the shortcomings of a down and out director, an entertainment agent caught in a scandal, a lawyer with big news to share, a delusional jockey, a love-starved therapist and a man on a ledge.” The society promises the play will “send the city into hysterics.” Anisa Cameron, who directed the previous Côte St. Luc Dramatic Society production of the musical Grease, is doing the same for Office Hours. Ariel Sterlin, who played Frenchy in Grease, is the production stage manager; and Scott Drysdale return as the lighting and technical director for the production. The shows are at 8 p.m. There will also be two 2 p.m. matinees, one on Friday, May 25, and one on Saturday, May 26.
Tickets are $15 plus tax and are available at the Eleanor London Côte Saint-Luc Public Library (5851 Cavendish Blvd.), the Côte Saint-Luc Aquatic and Community Centre (5794 Parkhaven Ave.), or by telephone at 514-485-6806 ext. 2200. Credit card or Interac will be accepted.

Friday 11 May 2012

Norm Foster's OFFICE HOURS opens May 24th

Local politicians play leading roles in upcoming production
Isaac Olson
NDG Press, May 8

While some might say politics is full of drama, the Côte St. Luc Dramatic Society’s upcoming play will be full of politicians. “Politicians are natural actors as they are comfortable in front of people and it definitely shows in their performances,” said director Anisa Cameron, citing the participation of CSL councillors Mitchell Brownstein and Sam Goldbloom as well as Mayor Anthony Housefather and a councillor from Dollard des Ormeaux, Herbert Brownstein (Mitchell Brownstein’s brother). “They have a particular stage presence because of their experience and they have also been my most devoted cast members.” The fast-paced comedy by Norm Foster, Office Hours, is set in six different offices with a cast of 15 actors and, while the scenes are separate, it all comes together in the end as the connections are revealed. For this play, Cameron said she had a flood of actors wanting roles but she had to select carefully to ensure characters are appropriately cast for age, gender and so forth. The councillors and mayor, she said, fit the part and they have continued to demonstrate a dedicated interest in putting the Dramatic Society on the map. “They see the community is really excited about having a community theatre,” said Cameron. “The city really wants to support this initiative and there is no better way than to get directly involved.” Housefather’s performance in the Dramatic Society’s first production was his first real acting experience, he said, and he is “thrilled” to be in another play. “I believe my participation,” he said, “signals the incredible interest that our council has to make CSL a city of theatre — our desire to make this a city that offers both sports and cultural programs that, in a few years, will be second to none.” Councillor Mitchell Brownstein commended the mayor’s participation, describing him as a skilled actor that “is very involved on the ground level ... I think it’s going to be a hysterical play and I think we now have a reputation for putting out great performances.” Goldbloom, who has professional acting experience in both plays and movies, said he enjoys being on stage and he believes in the dramatic society’s importance as it draws in people of all ages. “We want to continue to make the city as attractive as possible for young families move in as well as offering people of all ages an opportunity to express themselves theatrically,” said Goldbloom. Opening night is May 24 and the play will be performed in city hall’s Harold Greenspon Auditorium. There will be a 2 pm matinee on May 25 as well as 8 pm showing and that schedule repeats itself on the 26th. If the play sells out as quickly as the last production, Grease, there is the possibility of having a final showing on Sunday, May 27. For more information, contact city hall or email: csldramaticsociety@