Wednesday 30 April 2014

A week of remembrance: Victory in Europe Day and Yom Hashoah

Sunday, April 27th marked Côte Saint-Luc's annual Victory in Europe (VE  Day) remembrance at Veteran’s Park and City Hall.  The annual Yom Hashoah commemoration took place that evening at Cote Saint Luc's  Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem Congregation.  On Monday morning, April 28th I attended the Yom Hashoah commemoration at Montreal City Hall organized by B'nai Brith Canada Executive Director Harvey Levine and in the presence of Mayor Denis Codere, David Birenbaum, MNA and many other politicians and dignitaries.

With Mayor Housefather , Councillor Nashen and
 Veterans Sidney Barnet and George Nashen at  the VE Day commemoration.

Lighting a memorial candle with Councillor Berku at Montreal City Hall

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Election results reaffirm Cote Saint Luc is the best place in the world to live.


I have always believed that the suburban city of Cote Saint Luc is the best place in the world to live.  We benefit from being part of the beautiful metropolis of Montreal, in the only province in Canada with a European flavour, in an internationally respected leading federal democracy with one of the highest qualities of life in the world.   I have been sending that message since first elected to Council in 1990, passing resolutions on Canadian Unity and the Charlottetown Accord in 1992, joining a Raise the Flag grass roots organization in 1993, followed by resolutions to remain a part of Canada in 1996 and speaking out against the most recent PQ Charter of Values in 2013.

I continue to tell my children, friends and relatives how lucky we are to live here and that as time goes on, Quebecers of all backgrounds are learning to appreciate all the benefits that exist right here in our community.  Where else can you live in a city like Cote Saint Luc with one of the best recreation, library, and emergency services, while at the same time being minutes from downtown Montreal, an hour from the lakes and mountains of the Laurentians and our United States border communities?  Where else can you find real estate whether housing or rental apartments of the calibre offered here at affordable rates? Where else can you have access to learning two languages with ease and run a business at affordable cost? As a Canadian Immigration attorney I only truly feel at home after travelling to Asia, Africa or Europe, when my final flight takes me from Vancouver or Toronto to my home right here where my family has now lived for four generations.

It is important to note that the 18 to 24 years old voters in this election voted 2 to 1 against the Parti Quebecois indicating a bright future for a strong Quebec within Canada.  Based on popular vote the Liberals received 41.5%, the CAQ 23%, the PQ 25% and the Quebec Solidaire 7.5% which indicates that if a referendum were held today approximately 65% of voters would vote to remain a part of Canada. There is a clear movement by young French Quebecers to become members of our global community and the old view of being insular is no longer attractive to our youth.  Although some soft separatists may like the idea of an independent Quebec, they do not want to deal with the issues of constitutional reform, borders, currency, passports or other issues that may effect their quality of life as it is today.  Their concerns are the economy and jobs and they feel comfortable in Quebec, Canada and in the global community at large.  Our future is bright.